Bouquet vs Arrangement: What is the difference?

Bouquet vs Arrangement: What is the difference?

So you are ready to order some flowers? Great! They all look amazing, right? But you are faced with a  decision: arrangement or bouquet? Here at Redcliffe City Florist, we like to make ordering as easy as possible, so let us clear this one up for you ☺️ 
Redcliffe City Florist Flower Delivery Arrangements
An arrangement is a beautiful order that comes already in a container of some sorts, aka it is already 'arranged'. An arrangement is a hassle free choice as once you receive one, you don't have to do do anything except remember to water it daily. We always recommend half a cup of water, straight down the middle every day to keep your flowers fresh for as long as possible.
Arrangements typically have a higher starting cost, as opposed to a bouquet but not all the time. At Redcliffe City Florist we more often than not provide at least three or four size options on our arrangements. You can also get arrangements in a few different styles which we like to call 'Tall & Front Facing', this is a great option if it is for a hall table or up against a wall, as all the flowers will be in sight and none hiding round the back. Our second is 'Short & Round', which is great if it is going in the middle of a room, perhaps in the middle of a table, the arrangement will then look amazing no matter what angle you look at it on. 
Our most popular arrangements are our Florist Choice, which is our florists top pick of flowers from the day. This option ranges from $60 to $175, with options for colour theme and style. 
Here are some examples of our BIG MAMA arrangements below. Pictured is Numero Uno on the left and Luscious Lilies on the right.
Redcliffe City Florist Flower Delivery Brisbane  Redcliffe City Florist Flower Delivery Brisbane
A bouquet is a gorgeous bunch of flowers that have been expertly designed and wrapped beautifully, our bouquets tend to have an amazing wow factor. Your Redcliffe City Florist bouquets will always come with some water on the bottom of the stems, this is temporary until they find their new home in a vase. Once you receive your bouquet, there are a few easy ways to keep it looking fabulous:
  • Be sure to trim the stems, on an angle, every couple of days
  • Ensure there are no low leaves or flowers submerged in the water
  • Keep the water fresh, changing as soon as you see it going a little dirty
  • Get rid of any dead leaves 
  • Avoid direct sunlight and drafty areas 

Our most popular bouquet is our Florist Choice, which is our florists top pick of flowers from the day, this option ranges from $30 to $150 and you can choose your own colour theme! 

Another of our most popular bouquets, pictured below is My Cherry Pie.


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