Sunglow - Sunflower Flower Delivery Brisbane


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Bursting with sunshine yellow gorgeous sunflowers, it will surprise and delight everyone on any occasion.

Important, your sunflowers will generally come CLOSED. This is a good thing! It means they will last longer. Don't worry if it doesn't look exactly like the photo on arrival. They will soon open up and shine!! 

If you think the recipient won't have a big enough vase, check out our range of sizes in the Vase Section. (Hint: Choose 30cm or higher for the "Walking On Sunshine")

$45 = 8 Sunflowers, $80 = 15 Sunflowers, $12 = 22 Sunflowers 

Pictured Shown: 1st Picture: All Three Sizes - $45,$80,$120 - 2nd Picture: Walking On Sunshine - $120