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Assorted Gourmet Milk Bath Bombs - Wrapped

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These gorgeous bath bombs are the perfect add on for whatever you are adding to your cart. You will receive a lucky dip bath bomb, which is individually wrapped by us in store with some beautiful cloth, making it a lovely little gift. 

The bombs are made by a beautiful business called Suave Soaps with goats milk produced on their own boutique farm. Here is a little note from Amanda, owner of Suave Soaps: 

"Having our own goats means we are able to use the milk in our soap in the freshest state possible while maintaining amazing quality. Goats milk soap's pH is one of the closest soaps to our own skins pH making it ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.  

Please note: Our goats are cared for to the highest standards, they are very much loved members of our family."