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Soft Huggie Bears

Soft Huggie Bears

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Huggie Bear Choice

Our  popular "Huggie" soft toy has oh so soft OB Designs fur and lovely long ears.  With just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let her go. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift, even comes with their own little individual character traits. All are 40cm in height.

Bohdi Bunny's Bio
Job: Urban Shaman
Likes: Wellness Retreats & Bliss Balls 
Dislikes: Closed Toed Shoes & Fruit flies

Bella Bunny's Bio
Job: Sylist
Likes: Velvet Cushions & Vlogging
Dislikes: Trolls & Tinsel

Frankie Fox's Bio
Job: Firefighter
Likes: Climate Action & Acai Bowls
Dislikes: Fences & Fast Food

Banjo Bunny's Bio:
Job: Bespoke Cobbler
Likes: Pumpkin Soup & Cuddles
Dislikes: Colloquialisms & Gnats

Bobby Bunny's Bio
Job: Environmental Surveyor
Likes: Fannel Shirts & Chai Lattes
Dislikes: GMO's & Littlebugs

Byron Bunny's Bio
Job: Poet
Likes: Spoken Word & Snuggling
Dislikes: Idioms & Blunt Razor's

Baxter Bunny's Bio
Job: Barber
Likes: Storytelling & Newspaper
Dislikes: Long Car Trips

Duke Dog's Bio
Job: Life Coach
Likes: Football & SUP Boarding
Dislikes: Spam & Sunburns

Dave Dog's Bio
Job: Archaeologist
Likes: Treasure Hunts & Football
Dislikes: Dust Storms & Close Talkers  

Beau Bunny
Job: Gardner
Likes: Succulents & Roast Dinners


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