Soft Huggie Bears

Soft Huggie Bears


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Our  popular "Huggie" soft toy has oh so soft OB Designs fur and lovely long ears.  With just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let her go. Irresistibly cute and a perfect gift, even comes with their own little individual character traits.

Bohdi Bunny's Bio
Job: Urban Shaman
Likes: Wellness Retreats & Bliss Balls 
Dislikes: Closed Toed Shoes & Fruit flies

Bella Bunny's Bio
Job: Sylist
Likes: Velvet Cushions & Vlogging
Dislikes: Trolls & Tinsel

Frankie Fox's Bio
Job: Firefighter
Likes: Climate Action & Acai Bowls
Dislikes: Fences & Fast Food

Banjo Bunny's Bio:

Job: Bespoke Cobbler
Likes: Pumpkin Soup & Cuddles
Dislikes: Colloquialisms & Gnats

Bobby Bunny

Job: Environmental Surveyor

Likes: Fannel Shirts & Chai Lattes

Dislikes: GMO's & Littlebugs

Byron Bunny


Likes: Spoken Word & Snuggling

Dislikes: Idioms & Blunt Razor's

Baxter Bunny

Job: Barber

Likes: Storytelling & Newspaper

Dislikes: Long Car Trips

Duke Dog

Job: Life Coach

Likes: Football & SUP Boarding

Dislikes: Spam & Sunburns

Dave Dog

Job: Archaeologist

Likes: Treasure Hunts & Football

Dislikes: Dust Storms & Close Talkers  

All are 40cm in height.