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Venus De Milo Candle

Venus De Milo Candle

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Love Ally re-explores the renowned Hellenistic statue of Aphrodite from Melos (Venus de Milo). Scholars argue she stands as a timeless ideal of female beauty and is paramount in the myth of 'Judgement of Paris'.

In this tale, Paris, who was a youthful Trojan prince, was given a golden apple by the goddess of Discord and instructed to award it to the most beautiful of the three candidates: Aphrodite, Athena and Hera.

Aphrodite won the beauty contest because she bribed Paris with the love of the most beautiful woman, known as Helen of Sparta, whose mortal mother was Leda and immortal father was Zeus. 

Love Ally’s creation of Venus de Milo manages to beautifully encapsulate a mysterious fusion of grandeur and grace which will enchant any area of your home. 


From the Maker:

Love Ally was founded on the philosophy of creativity and appreciation of art-history. Through their passion, they have transcended the craft of candle making into functional statement decor pieces. Love Ally wanted to find a way to bring the timeless sculptural beauty of the past to your home. 


 - Australian Made from a sustainable beeswax blend


16.5 cm H x 10 cm W x 9 cm D 

Weight: 460g

Candle Care and Safety  

  • Avoid placing near a draft, open window, air duct or fan
  • Ensure wick is trimmed each time candle is lit
  • Do not leave candle unattended whilst lit
  • Stop burning the candle once 2cm of unmelted wax remain
  • Limit exposure to natural and artificial light to prevent discolouration. 

This candle is made for decorative use, however, if you decide to burn it we strongly recommend you place a heat-proof dish under this product to help control any excess wax from dripping.

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