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MINI Hunti', Candle Of Tranquility, Amethyst & Tigers Eye Infused

MINI Hunti', Candle Of Tranquility, Amethyst & Tigers Eye Infused

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MINI Hunti' | Crystal Infused Candle of Tranquility | Camellia + Lotus Blossom

Meet our Candle of Tranquility - Hunti'! It's the ultimate way to unwind and recharge after a tough day. With a unique blend of Camellia, Lotus Blossom, it's like having your very own spa in a candle. Hunti' is perfect for anyone who wants to melt away stress and worries, whether you're dealing with everyday anxieties or bigger roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. Let the feminine notes of Lemon Zest and the cool, fresh scents of Musk and Amber help you find clarity and create a peaceful atmosphere in your space.

  • Crystal Infused Tigers Eye + Amethyst.
  • Size¬†100Grams¬†
  • 25+ hours burn time.
  • 100% Vegan, Natural Soy wax, Cotton lead free wicks,¬†Luxury fragrance oils.
  • Hand poured with¬†love¬†within Sydney, Australia.

All of our crystal infused candles are sprinkled with Clear Quartz, which amplify all of the properties of the crystals that surround it, bringing you more support and love than you have ever seen before.

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