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Dried Bouquets

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Dried flowers are becoming increasingly popular, and we can totally understand why! They look STUNNING plus they last forever.

PLEASE NOTE: The bouquets will differ depending what dried flowers we have in stock as each one is made individually. Therefore, you will get the colour you after but not the exact same one that is pictured.

If you have any major preferences, please leave in the special notes  (located what is in your cart area) or alternatively give us a call to ensure we have/can get what you need in store. We can also do custom bouquets/arrangements, please also call us on 07 3883 3000 or come down and have a chat with the team.


Sizing (this is average and your order may vary)

$29 - approx 20cm tall x 10cm wide

$49 - approx 35cm tall x 17cm wide

$69 - approx 45 cm tall x 21cm wide

$89 - approx 55-60cm tall x 25cm wide 

Care Tips:

- Avoid putting your dried flowers in a moist room (e.g bathroom), keeping them the best you can out of the way of high humidity rooms will ensure the longevity of your bouquet

- You can use a feather duster to clean them or if they are both delicate, use a hair dryer on low the cold setting to get dust off

- If you can avoid harsh direct sunlight and definitely keep indoors! 

- Some dried flowers can SOMETIMES tend to flake off slightly, you can spray a little bit of hairspray on your flowers and it will help keep them in tact if this does occur