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Meet Me In The Fiddle

Meet Me In The Fiddle

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Our Fiddle Leaf Fig is a gorgeous on trend pot plant for inside your home. They like it bright, so choose a spot where it’ll get plenty of light for as much of the day as possible. Just make sure your tree won’t have sun shining directly on it since that can damage leaves. The Fiddle also grows pretty big and can sprawl all over your ceiling – in average environments, this can be two to three feet a year!  Don’t forget, because they lean towards the light, you need to rotate your tree every few weeks to keep a uniform shape.
We place this gorgeous fiddle in a seagrass bag for decoration & presentation purposes, however they will need to be placed in a pot as the bags are not water proof.

CURRENTLY, we only have the SMALL variety available (that are still full and beautiful) for only $39!

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