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Perfume Trio

Perfume Trio

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What's in it:
Dawn Essential Oil Perfume +Oak Essential Oil Perfume + Vine Essential Oil Perfume

Why you'll love it:
Our luxurious Perfume Trio is the ultimate lineup of delicate scents that will be there for you no matter the mood. Each essential oil perfume has been carefully blended with its own unique characters. Whichever blend you choose, they are here to wrap you up in love, calming, grounding or uplifting you, allowing you to set the tone for every day. This luxurious bundle is certainly the perfect gift but what makes our Perfume Trio even more special is that $5 from every box sold goes directly to Destiny Rescue, an incredible charity we've partnered with who work tirelessly to rescue children from sexual exploitation all around the world. Such a massive impact with a simple purchase.

Who is it for:
We created this Trio as an easy way to try all of our perfume blends, allowing you to match your scent with your mood. This bundle, being a charity partner gift, is also an easy way for people to pay it forward while spoiling themselves or their loved ones.

Bundle benefits:
This is a gift that gives more with $5 from every box sold going straight to our charity partner Destiny Rescue to help improve the lives of children all across the globe. To find out more about the incredible work they are doing visit:

This bundle must be sold as is. Products inside this bundle are not for individual sale.

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